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Alexa lights up the room!

Are you ready to spend $200 on a lamp? ....... It's not just any lamp, it's the Alexa powered lamp.   Now you have the ability to light up a room and talk to it with the Alex Powered GE Sol Smart Lamp.   I like that GE and Amazon partnered together to provide a multi functioned product.  I do believe this is the future with tech products going forward.  Instead of having a 1 function tech product, you will now see Smart functions intergrated in to products that are a necessity to our every day lives.  The Price does need to come down a bit to make this a hit with the masses, however I would spend $200 on a Alexa powered Christmas Story Leg Lamp... Wouldn't you? 



ge-alexa-lamp-sol-soft-white-and-daylight (1).jpg

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