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Cellular Carriers increased Coverage for the Solar eclipse

  • All 4 Major Carrier increased coverage for the solar eclipse
  • Using COWS and COLTS typically deployed for large sporting events and concerts. 

NASA information was used to Identify the places where the Eclipse would be the longest so people were able to utilize there phone with no Network interruption. 

Tech has significantly since the last Full Solar eclipse back in 1979, and it has allowed us to follow, share and post in so many way that were not around back in 79.  Back then the may have only been a couple ways to follow. TV and watching in real time... Following historic events in 2017 has become much easier.. With many outlets like Facebook/Live, Twitter, Instagram and more... Pick a app and you will have had the solar eclipse in the palm of your hand!  

i'm looking forward to the tech/apps we will have for the next Full Solar Eclipse!  


Sal abbruzzesesolar