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iPhone 8 with Augmented Reality!

Are you willing to spend $1,000 on the iPhone 8? ... Apple is cooking up some very interesting & new features!  There are rumors that the new iPhone will have a 3D laser on the back of the phone to get a more accurate read of whats in front of you.   Why do you need a "Laser"? (Dr Evil voice) .. Well a feature called Augmented reality will benefit greatly from this..... Augmented reality allows you to see virtual things in the real world.   Some popular examples of AR can be found in the very popular game Pokemon Go, and the extreamly popular "Dog Face" filter in Snap Chat.  

I also believe that companies such as Home Depot and IKEA will benefit from this feature because it will allow the consumer to virtually see products before they purchase in there home, office, etc  

All rumors at the moment, but I am very confident that Augmented Reality will be a MAJOR feature in the iPhone 8!  Start saving your dough for this one!