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Amazing messaging by Amazon

Amazon is in the process of taking over the world!  First they changed the way we purchase items , then buy Whole Foods, now Amazon is reportedly looking to change the way we communicate by launching their own messaging app.  

Some of the features that we could see with Amazing Messaging by Amazon. 

  • Encrypted messaging
  • Group chat (photo sharing, Music listening, video chat) 
  • High quality voice and video call.
  • Express yourself with GIF's and Stickers. 
  • Challenge Friends with Games. 
  • and a lot more! 

Personally, I am not sure if we need another chat app.  We already have a ton to choose from i.e WhatsApp, Faecbook , KiK, Snap chat to name a few.  I Do think Amazon has bigger plans with  Amazing to tie in with Amazon Prime, The Echo and possibly with Whole Foods. There is no official release date, all rumors at the moment... As soon I gather for information, I will update!  ... Stay tuned!