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"Alexa: buy me some Kale from Whole Foods"

Amazon + Whole Foods.. I know ... It's strange combo, but 5/10 years from now this may be the new normal. Expect to see Whole Foods utilize Amazon Prime and a lot more of their services in the near future.  I will predict that Amazon with reshape the way we Grocery Shop.. 


Here's what I think we can expect from this marriage over the next  few years:


  • More Fulfillment centers = Quicker deliver.  We could see same day deliver from Whole Foods. 
  • Lower Prices:  Whole Foods or 'Whole PayCheck" as they are now to some, because of their high prices.  With Amazon buying power expect to see high quality items at a lower price. 
  • Integration of Amazon products and services within Whole Foods stores.  Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh, Amazon GO, Amazon kindle Fire, and Amazon Echo (Alexa) 
  • "Hey Alexa reorder me some Kale and Bananas"  Boom Delivered right at your door step! 

This is definitely a interesting combo.. Amazon likes to experiment with Ideas and Products so be prepared to see integrated with Whole Foods.  If you have never used Amazon or never shopped at Whole Foods, check it out because you will see a lot of both Brands in the near future!